BIL 2015

March 21-22nd at Imperial Vancouver. Doors open at 8am. Opening remarks begin at 9:30AM.

Suresh Fernando and Emily McGill


SURESH FERNANDO is a change agent with a very diverse background. The majority of his career was spent in finance; seven years as a stock broker where he built a $30 milion private client business and five years operating his own investment banking and strategic advisory group focused on early stage technology companies. Subsequent to this he went through a major spiritual transformation resulting in him letting go of the need for material possession and going back to graduate school to study philosophy. While studying and deeply reflecting on the meaning of life, he came to realize that the balance of his life would need to be spent on making the world a better place. Ever since then, he has been working in different ways on social change processes, including being a lead organizer for Occupy Vancouver where he learned, first hand, the power of physical space in the process of bring people together. Recently he has, therefore, been committed to developing unique spaces in service of rebuilding the world; including working on developing an intentional community on the Sunshine Coast.

EMILY MCGILL is the Compost Specialist for a local compostable packaging specialist based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, consults for the National Zero Waste Council’s Product Design and Packaging Working Group, and is currently co-founding Vancouver’s first Master Recycler school. Being active in student government while studying for her Bachelor of Bioresource Engineering, she became disillusioned with the seeds of corruption in university-level politics, turned to agriculture, and co-founded the first student farm at McGill University. After graduating and traveling in Tanzania, India, Burma, and Iran, she saw firsthand the scale of the world’s problems and began searching for work that would address the chasm between her values and the way society functioned. The defining question for her of the modern lifestyle is “go, go, go … where?” Now engaging with the social change space in Vancouver, she’s finally seeing an alignment of her values and what she envisions for the future, and bringing all her creativity into making it happen.

Talk Title: .commUNITY: Building Shared Space Ekosystems

Imagine being in a space full of inspired people and projects all working towards the realization of one larger story; one focused on the betterment of the human race. Now imagine that we have developed a sense of unity that honours the unique vision and story of each particular project? Imagine being so closely aligned that we are able to develop collective strategies such as raise financing together!

What you have been imagining is an eKosystem; the next generation of co-working spaces!

.commUNITY is an organization that is working on developing an eKosystem of projects that we can bring together in a single co-working space.

This is our story!