BIL 2015

March 21-22nd at Imperial Vancouver. Doors open at 8am. Opening remarks begin at 9:30AM.

Mahalia Michael


Mahalia is an inspirational speaker, author, integrative health expert and sound alchemist. She has a rare ability that unites remote viewing, clairaudience, clairsentience and medical intuition. Trained in ancient Hawaiian healing arts and gifted with unique sounds from the whales and dolphins, she is able to quickly get results for clients who are ready to let go of the cycle of suffering and live their dreams. With twenty years of success as a wellness professional, Mahalia is a committed visionary and humanitarian with a passion for creating more love and pleasure on the planet. She is expert and founder of Brain-Bliss and Brain-Bliss sound healing and longevity coaching that optimizes brain, body and life function. She is the creator of ALLUMINA Animal Dance Fitness dvd, the first of its kind in the world dance fitness dvd tuned to 432hz musical tuning. She is an authority on health and fitness transformations combining in-depth knowledge, experience as an award winning athlete, sounding, light transmissions, kundalini Shakti activation, writing, dancing, earthing, spiritual faith and joy. Get ready to turn on your brilliance!

Talk Title: Turn on your musical instrument! Get Sound + Light for a Sexy New Brain!

Mahalia discovered the benefits of sound and light healing after rehabilitating her own brain and body from over twenty years of post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD and disability due to a history of trauma, including seven major head injuries. Her childhood abilities for clairaudience and seeing were re-awakened after having a variety of over 100 sound treatments and swimming with the dolphins and whales from the beaches of the Hawaiian islands. By listening to the sounds and light language of the whales and dolphins, she was given a gift to help clients to clear their history of trauma and optimize their brain, body and heart function so they can live into their dreams.

Both sound and light are needed for the brain and nervous system to thrive. We are musical beings having a human experience. Brain-Bliss is for both men and women who have experienced mental, emotional, physical and or sexual trauma, especially head injury/concussion.

Brain-Bliss sound and light activation focuses on purifying the shadow frequency caused by trauma and turning on a persons inner brilliancy, and luminosity. It is within the sound and light frequency that all things, including our biology, find balance, peace and enlightenment.