BIL 2015

March 21-22nd at Imperial Vancouver. Doors open at 8am. Opening remarks begin at 9:30AM.

Jocelynn Rodrigues


Interested in the intersection between the environment and the numbers world. Formerly trained in accounting and permaculture design. Striving to live completely zero-waste (aka not simply recycling everything but straight up not generating it in the first place). Deeply interested in that which makes people reconnect to mother nature and the world around us.

Talk Title: The Vancouver Fix-It Collective: Fixing to remember.

I’d like to talk about the Vancouver Fix-It Collective.

First to say briefly about what we are, why it started, what we stand for (anti-oppression, anti-patriarchal, anti-colonial, all inclusive space) and what we are in service to and have done thus far (fix-it events).

I’d then like to get into the more deeper, philosophical aspects around fixing and why it appeals to me, why I feel it’s important.

In short, everything has a story, everything has value, everything comes from nature….our culture is very throw-away – we are disconnected from nature and I feel throw-away culture is both a cause and a symptom of that disconnect.

I’d like to talk about how objects can weave into our stories and be passed down to next generations.
Linking it to wanting to know where our food came from, we ought to want to know where our objects came from, and when we fix we realize so much more of what goes into an object.
I would also like to then talk about the community building aspect of this initiative. The fixing of objects that break in our lives allows people to come together, engage with our neighbors, learn something new, share our knowledge with others, and enjoy together.

It also allows us to be creative and use parts of our brain we maybe don’t always use, which builds relationships with others.