BIL 2015

March 21-22nd at Imperial Vancouver. Doors open at 8am. Opening remarks begin at 9:30AM.

Jeremy Shaki


Jeremy Shaki is the co-founder and leader of Lighthouse Labs. With a passion for disrupting education, he has taken the 8-week coding bootcamp model across Canada and grown it to be about more than just learning to code. He’s brought an “it takes a village” philosophy to development education by uniting Vancouver’s tech community around mentorship. This can be seen in his nationwide, non-profit HTML500 event, and in the 40+ senior developers Lighthouse Labs employs as mentors.

Talk Title: How Coding is Democratizing Creation

At no other point in history has every person had the ability to create publicly visible ideas as cheaply and easily as we do today. Quickly, businesses are springing up, ideas are being shared and the world is solving and automating problems all because of our ability to use code. Through code, everyone is becoming a creator, and it’s empowering the world in ways we have never seen before.