BIL 2015

March 21-22nd at Imperial Vancouver. Doors open at 8am. Opening remarks begin at 9:30AM.

Jason Brown and Maya Graves-Bacchus


Jason Brown is a PhD student at UBC in Environmental Studies and Resource Management and founder of SSSEA. He was raised in Southern California and attended BYU in Anthropology and graduate school in Forestry and Theology. He hopes to bring spirituality and ecology together through activism and spiritual practice.

Maya Graves-Bacchus – Currently finishing her English degree at the University of British Columbia, Maya’s research will explore the interconnectedness of the sacred and profane, the organic and the non-organic, and what repercussions this may have for the environmental movement. She is particularly interested in the beginnings and endings of the “natural world”, and the role of urban spaces, or ecologically harmful environments in the conversation of Spiritual Ecology.

Talk Title: Why Ecology needs Spirituality: The Salish Sea Spiritual Ecology Alliance

In this talk Jason and Maya will outline the founding, vision and future projects of the newly formed Salish Sea Spiritual Ecology Alliance. This fledgling group hopes to connect spirit and ecology, contemplation with action, and solutions to problems by asking What is the nature of the fire that feeds the many forms of sacred activism? How can we ground this energy with spiritual practice? And most importantly, how can it be channelled into meaningful projects?

In September, SSSEA will facilitate four workshops on spiritual practice for sacred activism that will traverse the terrains of ocean, forest, farm and city through speakers, workshops, meditation and discussion.

Join us to see what SSSEA is planning for this year and beyond!