BIL 2015

March 21-22nd at Imperial Vancouver. Doors open at 8am. Opening remarks begin at 9:30AM.

Forrest Johnson


Trucker, Janitor, Balloon Artist and frustrated garage inventor. Frustrated because there are not enough events like BIL.

Talk Title: We need to make reusable bags the easiest choice! I invented a way.

Okay, it’s partly about my invention The Handle Handle but I won’t be pitching it because it’s intended to be free anyway. ( I’ll even bring enough for everyone!)

We all know the problem, we consume an estimated Trillion single use plastic bags every year.
We all know the solution, use reusable bags.

So why aren’t we?

Those of us using reusable bags forget them 40% of the time. The results of our good intentions? Almost cut in half!

A survey found two other reasons are inconvenience and hygiene concerns.

If we want people to choose reusable bags we have to make them the easier choice VS plastic!

The solution?

Thin, quality, easily washed reusable bags!
The kind that you can “Unpack and put back” somewhere they can’t be forgotten.

The Handle Handle can help make thin reusable bags the easier choice!
It will be free with coupon ads helping cover the cost for retailers.
It is biodegradable and more.

It solves two draw backs to thin reusable bags. It makes them more comfortable to carry when heavy and it keeps all the handles together so they don’t disappear when put down and are easy to pick up and move. (Like on a bus! That’s right, improves public transit too!)

Thin reusable bags have many advantages. I believe they can win the fight against plastic bags with help to make them everyone’s go to easier choice.