BIL 2015

March 21-22nd at Imperial Vancouver. Doors open at 8am. Opening remarks begin at 9:30AM.

Cougar Brenneman


Every speaker here was inspired by a creative inspiration or vision. Mine occurred on February 18, 1976.

In 1976, no one had a PC, yet my vision was a curriculum for growth that would be accessed by the general public on a computer. Hyperlinks were demonstrated for the first time a year later in 1977, yet my vision included hyperlinked materials. At the time, most education was delivered sequentially, yet my visualized curriculum was entirely user controlled. In 1976, no one knew what “open source” meant, yet I knew that my curriculum would be owned by the many.

My creative vision seemed like science fiction in those days. In spite of that, I’ve devoted my life to preparing for it. I’ve written 1.5 million words to be actualized. I taught myself enough PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery to create some sample programs for the Joyful Wisdom Journey curriculum. And I’ve created a small organization to manage it called the Joyful Wisdom Community.

Groups in the Joyful Wisdom Community have met weekly by phone, Skype, and Google Voice for almost four years to engage in activities from the Joyful Wisdom Journey. We’ve finally decided on a standard group session agenda. We also serve disadvantaged people, such as a mentally handicapped man and a former alcoholic.

I’ve prepared additional programs for when we’re a larger group. Our current programs are sufficient to support improvements in planning, relationships, health, creativity, mood, and other goals.

Talk Title: Real Wisdom Is Joyful

The people who are interested in my talk are also interested in growth, increasing personal potential, and achieving their highest levels of mental skill and emotional balance.

Although I’ll give the background and briefly describe what our groups do, I’m most interested in leading the audience in a five-minute exercise from our regular groups. This exercise is called “Conscious Evolution,” though we usually refer to it as “Boosting.”

This exercise uses chi energy. (I’ll have to address skeptics briefly–not for the purpose of convincing them, but hopefully to invite them to experiment outside of their comfort zones.) I’ll lead the audience in harnessing their own energy to grow themselves in an area of their own choice. In other words, I’ll provide the framework and the steps, but each person will provide their own content, based on their personal priorities and values.

Boosting is an exercise that’s unique to the Joyful Wisdom Community. I’ve been working toward the creation of this curriculum for almost forty years, and in all of my study, I’ve never seen it anywhere else.

I’ll also describe the other parts of our group agendas, such as the fact that we all acknowledge what we value in each other and in ourselves as a prelude to group Boosting. Each member of our groups gets to be Boosted for something that he or she freely chooses. Often, it relates to the appreciations we’ve just shared–though not always. See: