BIL 2015

March 21-22nd at Imperial Vancouver. Doors open at 8am. Opening remarks begin at 9:30AM.

Boris Kerjner


With a living passion for personal and global transformation, Boris Kerjner’s work is centered around liberating the highest human potential. As a Bodymind Architect and Holistic Educator, Boris weaves together interdisciplinary approaches to help teams and individuals construct their own unique platforms for rapid personal growth and business success.

His educational background in psychotherapy, nutrition, and neurotherapy, is coupled with over eight years of deep spiritual exploration of mind, heart and the human psyche. Through the years of experience Boris has identified the brain, control center of the body and the seat of creativity, as the most powerful avenue for recovery and prevention of disease, and the key to redefining human potential.

Boris is the Executive of Sales, Marketing and Education for Advantage Health Matters, one of the leading distributors of organic food and supplements, including the flagship superfood brand Organic Traditions. His consulting practice, NeuroDesign Brain Solutions, is located in Vancouver, Canada.

His first books, titled “The Liberated Brain: Eightfold Path to Higher Intelligence”, and “Miracle-Gro for the Brain: A Neuroscience Approach to a Bigger, Better Brain with BDNF” are slated for release this summer.

Talk Title: The Attentive Brain: Neuroenhancement for Productivity & Growth

In our current age of information, the most valuable currency that we have is attention. Attention and it’s application not only determines how much you can get done in a day, but also every facet of your life, including your mood, relationships, personal growth, business success, spiritual development and your ability to share your vision and impact the world.

In this engaging talk Boris will be giving you five proven and practical ways to manage, direct and refuel your power of attention for increased daily productivity and long-term personal success.