BIL 2015

March 21-22nd at Imperial Vancouver. Doors open at 8am. Opening remarks begin at 9:30AM.

Andrew Wagner


I’ve been a fan of decentralization for a long time, and an advocate for a few years. I kickstarted the Bitcoin adoption movement here in Vancouver, and founded CoinFest, the open source, simultaneous and global cryptocurrency convention.

These days I’m a writer and occasional speaker on the subject, some of my work having been cited multiple times. I’ll be flying to Nigeria this year to convince the Minister of Finance to use the blockchain to fight pension fraud.

Talk Title: The Blockchain Revolution

People tend to focus on Bitcoin, but what’s really remarkable is the blockchain technology. It can be used to record who has how much currency, but it can also used be used to record property ownership, contracts, and any other information.

It’s revolutionary as an inviolable record of truth, pre-emptively resolving all disputes using a settlement method that’s vastly more efficient. Those who’ve been waiting to learn how the bureaucracy will fall shouldn’t miss this talk followed by Q & A.