BIL 2015

March 21-22nd at Imperial Vancouver. Doors open at 8am. Opening remarks begin at 9:30AM.

Anders Fung


Anders is the Founder at Learnquiq, a Vancouver-based social online learning platform for everyone to teach, learn, and earn. He is a Simon Fraser University (SFU) graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in marketing and entrepreneurship.

With over 5 years of professional experience in various industries, Anders is a holistic thinker and a well-rounded professional in business strategy, marketing & sales management, leadership, cost analysis, IT systems, and web development.

Anders’s passion is to combine new web technologies with education. In 2014, he’s brought together high-calibre team who drove the company’s vision to make education available to everyone from anywhere curated by anyone at any skill level. Just 6 months after development began, was launched for everyone to enrol and teach courses online.

Talk Title: The Journey to Make Education a Public Good

Prior to agriculture, the tribal system of inter-human relationships relied on those with know-how delivering their skills to the others for free. Fast forward to today where technologies enables unbridled access to information, education has become an exorbitantly expensive commodity, which financially maims students by leaving them “short of an arm and a leg”.

I truly believe that my purpose in this world is to change the paradigm of education by providing an educational platform that offers highly relevant, quality courses that’s affordable to anyone who’s inspired to learn.

This is not a novel idea, but only Learnquiq has been able to achieve this in a novel way. In 6 months, we’ve created a natural self-regulating learning marketplace where instructors are incentivized to teach and learners are confident enough to buy. This free-market education where supply-chain (instructors) and demand-chain (students) naturally gravitate toward an efficiency point in learning, is something that no other learning platform is able to emulate.

Learnquiq is based in Vancouver and launched in January 2015. We’ve established 10+ partnerships, 150+ users, 1900+ unique visitors every month. We want to share our findings to the audience and learn more about what they think about the current state of education.