BIL 2015

March 21-22nd at Imperial Vancouver. Doors open at 8am. Opening remarks begin at 9:30AM.

Proposed Speakers

This is a list of proposed talks that have been submitted. While many of these will be selected, there are some that may not due to limited time slots.

Anica John


I’ve founded two companies and run another one. My latest interest is in the factors that influence our decision making at key points in our lives. Specifically, I am focusing on how we plan our economic futures, and to what extent we include the consideration of long term happiness.

Talk Title: Making Money Decisions with Happiness in Mind

When was the last time planning out your finances made you happy? For most people, it’s a miserable experience, and some of us never get around to it – with terrible results. Almost half of all Americans have credit card debt, and the average household debt is over $7,000.00. Less than 50% of Americans have three months of living expenses saved up. Among the top reasons listed for this are anxiety and fear of the process – but why?

The answer is that we apply one financial planning formula to every personality type and risk profile. If you are a startup founder, wouldn’t you be more like to accept a modest retirement for the chance to pursue your dreams for a few years unfettered by a full-time job? An insurance analyst might only sleep through the night by purchasing twice the amount of disability insurance that the average personal finance book recommends. Conventional wisdom expects these two very different personalities to act with the same spending and saving behavior, and both people end up miserable. Now let’s say they are married! How can we fix this?

My talk explores the application of decision-making to personal economics. What’s the end result? A world where the average consumer has the tools to make a sustainable plan that is tailored to his or her personality and risk profile. A sustainable plan eventually leads to a successful consumer with greater spending power.

Andy Zaremba

Co-host of the Vancouver Real podcast and the Co-founder/ owner of Float House


Andy is the Co-host of the Vancouver Real podcast and the Co-founder/ owner of Float House (Vancouver’s first Float centre in over 20 years).

No matter which realm he’s playing in, he strives to be the best man he can possibly be, bringing his greatest efforts forth to his family, friends, & community.

His precious daughter, Ella Faith, is truly a gift & continues to be a significant inspiration & strength in his life.

Andy has a fascination for learning & a deep passion for personal growth, whether it be through books, courses, public speaking, podcasts, floating, & the like. He believes that growth is infinite & stagnation does not exist; the journey is purely about expansion & living fully with excellence regardless of the “imperfections”.

Andy’s interests include traveling, physical fitness, martial arts, yoga, meditation/floating, music, art, hiking, scuba diving, reading & having stimulating conversations.

Talk Title: The Floating Father!

One-man’s simultaneous journey into Fatherhood and Floating. Andy’s introduction in parenting was a rocky one! An unplanned pregnancy lead to an emergency C-Section while on vacation in the Cayman Islands. Andy’s daughter, Ella, was born at 28 weeks and weighed only 1.9lbs. During her ten-month stay at BC Children’s Hospital, Andy discovered floating. Floating helped him deal with the stress of having a premature newborn and later lead him to open the largest Float Centre in the world.

Amanda McCuaig


Amanda is a painter, writer, occasional guitarist, sometimes accordion player, and full time communications professional with deep dedication to civic engagement and volunteerism. She is a contributor and board member to Sad Mag, a former board member and current volunteer of Megaphone Magazine, former contributing editor to Art Threat. Her paintings have been has shown at local galleries Ayden Gallery and Hot Art Wet City. She’s composed songs you’ll never hear, sung background vocals on albums you’ve never heard of, has performed in a complete random mix of film and music videos – all just because, and wholeheartedly thinks you should too.

Talk Title: Performing for no one: A case for the practice of amateur art

“To practice any art, no matter how well or how badly, is to make your soul grow. So do it.” – Kurt Vonnegut.

There’s no question that as we age, we lose a sense of freedom and creativity we had as children. As adults, we begin to believe that all of our outputs must be productive – that they must amount to something that can be used, sold, or shared. In other words, if we aren’t great artists, we slip away from practicing art at all, whether its dance, drawing, or music. The simple act of practicing arts for no reason other than to do it has slipped away as we have grown into a society that is fostering increasingly specialized job roles and increasingly professionalized entertainment industries. Join Amanda in recalling your transition from arts and crafts, to doodling, to “not good enough”, to observer or art consumer. Take a journey through a time when entire families played music to entertain one another, where drawing was as second nature as writing, and where dance was something you did whether or not someone was watching and find the excuse you need to partake in art again simply for the joy of it.

Andrew Wagner


I’ve been a fan of decentralization for a long time, and an advocate for a few years. I kickstarted the Bitcoin adoption movement here in Vancouver, and founded CoinFest, the open source, simultaneous and global cryptocurrency convention.

These days I’m a writer and occasional speaker on the subject, some of my work having been cited multiple times. I’ll be flying to Nigeria this year to convince the Minister of Finance to use the blockchain to fight pension fraud.

Talk Title: The Blockchain Revolution

People tend to focus on Bitcoin, but what’s really remarkable is the blockchain technology. It can be used to record who has how much currency, but it can also used be used to record property ownership, contracts, and any other information.

It’s revolutionary as an inviolable record of truth, pre-emptively resolving all disputes using a settlement method that’s vastly more efficient. Those who’ve been waiting to learn how the bureaucracy will fall shouldn’t miss this talk followed by Q & A.

Ava Vanderstarren & Fazineh Keita

Founders and Directors of "Innocence Lost Foundation"


Fazineh Keita grew up in Sierra Leone, on the west coast of Africa. He spent his childhood caught up in the conflict of the Sierra Leonean Civil War. As a former child soldier he knows the struggles, hardships and the after-effects that war has on a person. Instead of allowing his past to control his life, he’s focused his energies into a positive force for good and change in the world. As a musician, writer, actor and director, he focuses on telling his story and others like it to inspire a generation. Fazineh moved to Canada to pursue his career and graduated from Vancouver Film School in 2011. His purpose in life is to tell stories, educate youth, help people and prevent the use of child soldiers in all world conflicts.

Ava Vanderstarren believes that no child should be involved in conflict or have their innocence stolen away from them. She came up with the idea for ILF through her partner Fazineh and the desire to make a positive impact in the world. Ava was born in Canada and is currently based in B.C. In July 2013 she won the title of Miss British Columbia 2013/14 with her platform being rehabilitation of child soldiers. Ava is an actress and model who graduated from Vancouver Film School in 2011. She is also an advocate for women’s rights and equality for women around the world.

Talk Title: Ending Child Soldiering and Finding Healing After War

Fazineh Keita and Ava Vanderstarren have started the non-profit Innocence Lost Foundation to build community and rehabilitation centres for child soldiers and youth in Africa.

They are about to launch their first project which is a community centre for Kabala, Sierra Leone that will provide a medical clinic, food, water, education, skills training, therapy, arts and sports programs to the community.

During their BIL talk Fazineh, who was a former child soldier, will share some of his stories and they will outline their plan to take action to end these issues in the world and to get help to the children and communitites that need healing.

They will cover a brief outline of their first project and how people can get involved in the mission.

Anders Fung


Anders is the Founder at Learnquiq, a Vancouver-based social online learning platform for everyone to teach, learn, and earn. He is a Simon Fraser University (SFU) graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in marketing and entrepreneurship.

With over 5 years of professional experience in various industries, Anders is a holistic thinker and a well-rounded professional in business strategy, marketing & sales management, leadership, cost analysis, IT systems, and web development.

Anders’s passion is to combine new web technologies with education. In 2014, he’s brought together high-calibre team who drove the company’s vision to make education available to everyone from anywhere curated by anyone at any skill level. Just 6 months after development began, was launched for everyone to enrol and teach courses online.

Talk Title: The Journey to Make Education a Public Good

Prior to agriculture, the tribal system of inter-human relationships relied on those with know-how delivering their skills to the others for free. Fast forward to today where technologies enables unbridled access to information, education has become an exorbitantly expensive commodity, which financially maims students by leaving them “short of an arm and a leg”.

I truly believe that my purpose in this world is to change the paradigm of education by providing an educational platform that offers highly relevant, quality courses that’s affordable to anyone who’s inspired to learn.

This is not a novel idea, but only Learnquiq has been able to achieve this in a novel way. In 6 months, we’ve created a natural self-regulating learning marketplace where instructors are incentivized to teach and learners are confident enough to buy. This free-market education where supply-chain (instructors) and demand-chain (students) naturally gravitate toward an efficiency point in learning, is something that no other learning platform is able to emulate.

Learnquiq is based in Vancouver and launched in January 2015. We’ve established 10+ partnerships, 150+ users, 1900+ unique visitors every month. We want to share our findings to the audience and learn more about what they think about the current state of education.

Alfred Hermida


Alfred Hermida combines academic rigour with a journalist’s sensibility on how to tell a compelling story. An award-winning digital media pioneer at the forefront of research into social media and new forms of storytelling, he is an associate professor at the Graduate School of Journalism, University of British Columbia, Canada. His new book, Tell Everyone: Why We Share and Why It Matters, examines deeply into how social media is reshaping the worlds of media, business and activism. Alfred has a distinguished journalistic pedigree, having honed his craft in telling stories with impact through 16 years at BBC News. He spent four years as a correspondent for the BBC in the Middle East and was one of the founding members of the award-winning BBC News website. He holds a Ph.D. in journalism from City University, London.

Talk Title: Why nobody sees what you tweet and how to do something about it

Social media is an arena that offers unrivaled opportunities to reach consumers and get them excited about a cause, film or brand. Yet it can be a bruising battleground. The inconvenient truth about social media is that most tweets, photos and video simply wither in the perpetual onslaught of information. Understanding why some ideas catch on is vital to maximise the likelihood of gaining traction on social media. Find out how you can get noticed and have an impact by tapping into the factors that fuel our compulsion to share ideas, experiences and opinions on social media.

Boris Kerjner


With a living passion for personal and global transformation, Boris Kerjner’s work is centered around liberating the highest human potential. As a Bodymind Architect and Holistic Educator, Boris weaves together interdisciplinary approaches to help teams and individuals construct their own unique platforms for rapid personal growth and business success.

His educational background in psychotherapy, nutrition, and neurotherapy, is coupled with over eight years of deep spiritual exploration of mind, heart and the human psyche. Through the years of experience Boris has identified the brain, control center of the body and the seat of creativity, as the most powerful avenue for recovery and prevention of disease, and the key to redefining human potential.

Boris is the Executive of Sales, Marketing and Education for Advantage Health Matters, one of the leading distributors of organic food and supplements, including the flagship superfood brand Organic Traditions. His consulting practice, NeuroDesign Brain Solutions, is located in Vancouver, Canada.

His first books, titled “The Liberated Brain: Eightfold Path to Higher Intelligence”, and “Miracle-Gro for the Brain: A Neuroscience Approach to a Bigger, Better Brain with BDNF” are slated for release this summer.

Talk Title: The Attentive Brain: Neuroenhancement for Productivity & Growth

In our current age of information, the most valuable currency that we have is attention. Attention and it’s application not only determines how much you can get done in a day, but also every facet of your life, including your mood, relationships, personal growth, business success, spiritual development and your ability to share your vision and impact the world.

In this engaging talk Boris will be giving you five proven and practical ways to manage, direct and refuel your power of attention for increased daily productivity and long-term personal success.

Brennan Wauters


Brennan is part of a communal house in East Vancouver that focuses on pooling resources to reduce our carbon footprint. He has run in two elections as a candidate for the Green Party of Canada, one federal and one provincial. Brennan now spends his time working with the Vancouver Renewable Energy Cooperative building solar energy capacity in BC. A trained wind turbine technician and electrician, Brennan will complete his last 12 weeks of training to be a certified electrician this coming June. He has a BA in Anthropology and an MA in Communications and identifies himself as an energy literacy activist.

Talk Title: The Energy Standard: Creating A Planetary Civilization Through Currency

The new story we need is the one that tells the story of money and how it does not serve the future. The way we tabulate what we know and what we can do must be tabulated according to energy first. Energy is the currency of the universe. If we are to create a planetary civilization for future generations, we must understand that it’s not money that tells the story, but energy that tells the story. Energy Return on Energy Invested and the Laws of Thermodynamics must be understood. The moment we understand that the way we make decisions (money) must be a corollary of energy, you start to know exactly what is possible. You start to understand that nature can be nurtured and people can be fed, can be healthy, can be happy, can be a part of the abundance that Earth provides. The investment index of nature when matched by tabulating energy (instead of money) will tell you the real rate of change and possibility. Energy is the truth of what is available and what is possible and Brennan will try to emphasize this understanding to help us make decisions, including investment decisions.

Cathy Browne


I wear many hats.

I’m a damn good event, lifestyle and travel photographer who happens to be legally blind. I use my unique perspective and my camera to capture images and share a world I can’t see myself. I’m an arts reporter for Vanity Buzz, and review theatre, dance and music – front row, centre!

I’m also a veteran PR gal, content creator, community builder and accessibility advocate.

I blog at Seeing Things –

I love everything Apple, photo-walking, my cats, wine, really hot sake, Japanese food, politics, CBC Radio, and trivia. I’m a hugger.

Talk Title: Aim, Pray, Shoot - My Journey as a Blind Photographer

Sometimes, our true talents go unnoticed for years, lying dormant till someone or something brings them out. This happened to me – and I want to share my special journey through my photographs to encourage everyone to embrace and nurture the gifts we all have.

I did something similar last year in a very tiny room. I hope to encourage a larger audience this year:-)

Cougar Brenneman


Every speaker here was inspired by a creative inspiration or vision. Mine occurred on February 18, 1976.

In 1976, no one had a PC, yet my vision was a curriculum for growth that would be accessed by the general public on a computer. Hyperlinks were demonstrated for the first time a year later in 1977, yet my vision included hyperlinked materials. At the time, most education was delivered sequentially, yet my visualized curriculum was entirely user controlled. In 1976, no one knew what “open source” meant, yet I knew that my curriculum would be owned by the many.

My creative vision seemed like science fiction in those days. In spite of that, I’ve devoted my life to preparing for it. I’ve written 1.5 million words to be actualized. I taught myself enough PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery to create some sample programs for the Joyful Wisdom Journey curriculum. And I’ve created a small organization to manage it called the Joyful Wisdom Community.

Groups in the Joyful Wisdom Community have met weekly by phone, Skype, and Google Voice for almost four years to engage in activities from the Joyful Wisdom Journey. We’ve finally decided on a standard group session agenda. We also serve disadvantaged people, such as a mentally handicapped man and a former alcoholic.

I’ve prepared additional programs for when we’re a larger group. Our current programs are sufficient to support improvements in planning, relationships, health, creativity, mood, and other goals.

Talk Title: Real Wisdom Is Joyful

The people who are interested in my talk are also interested in growth, increasing personal potential, and achieving their highest levels of mental skill and emotional balance.

Although I’ll give the background and briefly describe what our groups do, I’m most interested in leading the audience in a five-minute exercise from our regular groups. This exercise is called “Conscious Evolution,” though we usually refer to it as “Boosting.”

This exercise uses chi energy. (I’ll have to address skeptics briefly–not for the purpose of convincing them, but hopefully to invite them to experiment outside of their comfort zones.) I’ll lead the audience in harnessing their own energy to grow themselves in an area of their own choice. In other words, I’ll provide the framework and the steps, but each person will provide their own content, based on their personal priorities and values.

Boosting is an exercise that’s unique to the Joyful Wisdom Community. I’ve been working toward the creation of this curriculum for almost forty years, and in all of my study, I’ve never seen it anywhere else.

I’ll also describe the other parts of our group agendas, such as the fact that we all acknowledge what we value in each other and in ourselves as a prelude to group Boosting. Each member of our groups gets to be Boosted for something that he or she freely chooses. Often, it relates to the appreciations we’ve just shared–though not always. See:

Christine Lim


Christine leads North American retail strategy at 10xCrowds. She is an innovation strategy consultant with former clients in New York, Daejeon, Paris, and San Francisco. Christine has worked at Singularity University, managed the executive program at Draper University, conducted design research at KAIST, and given a master class on networking at Utrecht University. She holds a bachelor in political science from the University of Chicago.

10xCrowds is a Canadian crowd analytics startup focusing on applications in the retail, entertainment, queuing, and automotive sectors. We look at how crowds move, how group attention is coordinated. Our big vision is search without input.

Talk Title: Watcha Lookin' At?: Mapping Social Attention and Searching without Input

What makes us pay attention, shift our gazes, and alter our travel paths? Why do different crowds and social networks find different things interesting? Can crowd analytics provide the answers? What is searching without input? Will this change lives for the better or worse?

Caroline MacGillivray


Caroline MacGillivray is best known as the Executive Director and founder of Beauty Night Society. In 14 years, Beauty Night has given more than 50,000 life-makeovers to women who live in poverty. Her efforts have not gone unnoticed: she is honored to be a Flare Volunteer Award (national) recipient, Shakti Public Service recipient, Spirit of the Crane Gold Community Award recipient, MetoWe Finalist (national), 2 time Woman of Worth finalist and a five-time YWCA Woman of Distinction Nominee.

Caroline is also a speaker, dance instructor, yoga teacher and a medical qi gong therapist (in training). She is honoured to be the recipient of scholarships for her yoga teacher training (Karma Teachers) and medical qi gong education (Full Scholarship for practitioner level and partial scholarship for Therapist level) She is also known as the host and producer of Sexy in Vancity Radio on 101.9FM CITR (Wednesday Nights at 10pm).

Talk Title: Community Building For A Cause

Beauty Night Society’s Founder, Caroline MacGillivray shares stories and tips and tricks about building support around a cause. By tapping into one’s personal values and being able to share one’s vision, one can change the fabric of society. Building a tribe around shared values and vision, one can collaborate, co-create and truly change the world.

Conrad Schmidt


Author of Workers of the World Relax, Alternatives to Growth.
Director of the 5 ring Circus. Co-founder of the Work Less Party of BC

Talk Title: Paradoxes of sustainability

The story of how efficiency and cleaner energy have increased our ecological footprint rather than decreased it.

We will examine case studies of how ideas that we though would decrease our ecological footprint, instead increased it.

Here is a short introduction video to explain this presentation and get the discussion rolling.

Cindy Bolf


Dr. Cindy Bolf has her doctorate in industrial/organizational psychology. She doesn’t like when people ask her what that is. It has nothing to do with robots or machines. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA and works as a corporate recruiter. She has cats and loves watching Downton Abbey.

Talk Title: How to Create Effective and Successful Virtual Teams

Virtual teams are growing and becoming a popular work form in the world due to globalization and communication technology. Virtual teams are great in that they allow for flexibility, but there are many challenges when it comes to making them successful and effective. This talk reviews and suggests ways to overcome those challenges so people can work better together virtually.

Daniel Rotman


Daniel has a background in all things mind related and an interest in all things sustainable.

He studied Cognitive Science and went on to complete a Masters in Conflict Resolution. The conflict he sees as the most pressing today is with our relationship to waste.

He currently is a Field Tech with Tetra Tech EBA and volunteers with SPEC as Co-Chair of the Zero Waste Committee where he is developing a waste reduction education program.

Talk Title: Garbage: it's not what you think it is.

Waste is an illusion! A fiction we created to increase prosperity! What a marvellous thing! Imagine people holding up signs at a protest calling “Save the garbage!!!” The Whales would be proud.

Waste is indeed an elusive construct of the mind. A very useful social and economical tool. I invite you to explore how emerging science of mind and of addiction can interpret and inform what waste actually is.

Dave Asprey


Dave Asprey, founder of Bulletproof, is a Silicon Valley investor and technology entrepreneur who spent two decades and over $300,000 to hack his own biology.

Dave lost 100 pounds without counting calories or excessive exercise, used techniques to upgrade his brain by more than 20 IQ points, and lowered his biological age while learning to sleep more efficiently in less time. Learning to do these seemingly impossible things transformed him into a better entrepreneur, a better husband, and a better father.

Dave is the creator of the widely popular Bulletproof Coffee, host of the #1 ranked health show, Bulletproof Radio, and author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Bulletproof Diet. Through his work Dave provides strategies for taking control of and improving your body and mind so they work in unison, helping you execute at levels far beyond what you’d expect without burning out, getting sick, or allowing stress to control your decisions. Dave’s newest venture, the first Bulletproof Coffee shop, is scheduled to open in Santa Monica, California in mid 2015.

Talk Title: Hacking your Willpower

Gain more control.
The links between diet and willpower.
Kick more ass!

Clare (Clarity) Morgan


I am studying to be an Anglican priest in the Diocese of New Westminster on the west coast of Canada. I’m also a punk rock Celtic harpist who loves to tell stories. I’ve lived primarily in Vancouver but have also put in time in Victoria, Ottawa, and Norwich, UK. Raised Anglican, I returned to the church as a young adult after five years as a Wiccan and am passionate about learning and relating the experiences of Millennial mystics in search of a spiritual home, particularly those who do not fit the acceptable societal categories of gender, sexuality, and political persuasion.

Talk Title: Wild Space Christianity

All too often Christianity has been held up as a door keeper and defender of the walls we build between ourselves. The truth of the matter is that this is a misunderstanding. “Wild Space”, a term coined by theologian Sallie McFague, is the piece of ourselves that does not fit into the framework given to us by the world. It is indeed a sacred place that is not only an expression of divine wideness but also fully supported in the ancient traditions of the Christian faith. This talk will explore how wild space interacts with views on gender, sexuality, and one person’s journey of faith.

Dave Biggs


I’m the Co-Founder of My focus for the past 20+ years has been on providing leadership in the development and use of digital tools for broad and meaningful stakeholder engagement and public outreach. Most of my efforts have been on enhancing community participation for transportation, urban and sustainability planning projects. My biggest satisfaction is witnessing the positive impact that public input can have on a plan. I believe we need smart plans that have the public and political support to be carried through to successful implementation.

Talk Title: Lessons from Don Draper: Community Engagement Beyond the Usual Suspects

This fast paced talk will begin with Lessons from Don Draper > research findings on best practices for leveraging technology to engage the public in planning their community. The MetroQuest public involvement software emerged from this research. Since it’s development at UBC, MetroQuest has been used on award-winning planning projects throughout North America. Several MetroQuest case studies will be presented showing the dramatic impact that deep public participation can have on community development.

Dwayne Klassen


Dwayne Klassen is an international men and relationship expert. He’s a transformational speaker, author and empowerment coach. He’s known a “The Coach For Men”. Dwayne has a passion for helping humanity raise the bar and play a bigger game.

Dwayne’s “Perfect Storm” was what it took to “loose it all”, but also the perfect lessons to help him be the inspiration he is today.

He’s the author of “The Remarkable Man” and the Founder of The Remarkable Man Project – A global initiative to challenge 1 million men to step up and play a bigger game. The vision for the project is to create the greatest leadership, empowerment and adventure network in the world. A place where men get the resources, tools and brotherhood to be Remarkable for all human kind.

Talk Title: The Remarkable Man-Champions To Women Heroes To Children Brothers To Each Other

Does it feel like the relationship landscape is changing? Whether you are single, dating or in a long term relationship you can’t help but feel a shift occurring.

We are now living in the age of the empowered woman. She’s unstoppable, capable and vivacious.

Conversely, men today are feeling more confused, frustrated and challenged as to what it means to be a man in today’s rapidly changing world than ever before.

Men and women seem to be going in opposite directions. This pattern does not bode well for relationships now and in the future.

What if something was happening to humanity that was bigger than all of us?

Join Dwayne Klassen on an entertaining and thought provoking journey about how the masculine and feminine energy is showing up in our lives. You’ll discover how these energies are messing around with and shaking up all we thought we knew about who we are.

More importantly, It’s time for men to step up and play a bigger game. We must own our authentic masculine power and be Champions to women, heroes to children and brothers to each other.


Eden Burnardy


Eden Bernardy is currently at work on the book  “Being Human; an actors guide to the art and science of human behavior” which is expected to hit shelves at the end of next year.  “After 30+ years as an acting coach and 20+ years as a writer I have had the opportunity to work with thousands of film and theatre artists.  Working with Academy Award winning actors, writers and directors –  to actors just discovering the craft I have learned a tremendous amount about human behavior and the tools that allow us to access the kind of truth that resonates on film and with audiences.”  The daughter of the renowned psychologist and a famous acting coach Eden has often joked that she was studying the “art and science of human behavior” from birth.  Growing up in a fascinating world of artists and scientists she never developed the notion that the two were distinct.  Collaborating with a psychologists who specialize in mindfulness meditation, addiction, grief and recovery to better understand how actors can lead healthier, more productive lives while investing so completely in the “deep and sometimes toxic lives of others”.   Eden works with neurologists, psychiatrists and researchers who are exploring the nature of perception.  She’s been able to harness a wide array of concepts that help actors develop a better understanding of the mind/brain connection and it’s role in developing complete “lives” or “characters”.  Estelle Harman, Stella Adler, Sanford Meisner, Jose Quintero, Uta Hagen, Margie Haber, Jeff Corey and Larry Moss are some of the amazing coaches she has been honored to collaborate with, as well as enjoying professional relationships with artists ranging from great talents like Morgan Freeman to rising starts like Disney’s Peyton Meyers.  “The thousands of actors I’ve coached over the years have helped me develop as a coach, writer, teacher and person and given me a deep respect for the wonderful adventure we call “being human”.

Talk Title: The Actor’s Lens; the art and science of keeping an open mind

Explore the ideas and tools actors use to create authentic connections to characters with vastly differing points of view.  This work keeps a person’s mind flexible and allows for extraordinary collaborations between individuals with drastically different view points.  We are not a fixed set of ideas and intellectual constructs but rather a wonderfully mobile array of beliefs and ideas that shape our relationships, behavior, and thinking. Change your thinking, change your life. Understanding the “lens” through which we view the world gives us all the power to make profound shifts in our daily lives. Additionally, current research demonstrates that acting approaches that increase neural plasticity and cognitive flexibility are also known to increase “brain health” resulting in better memory, focus, mood management, and stress reduction.

Emily McGill


I coordinate research and marketing for a company that sells compostable food ware, and I consult for the National Zero Waste Council Product Design and Packaging Working Group. I volunteer with a charity named Women in Dawah that provides food funding for immigrants, and with the non-profit Society Promoting Environmental Conservation’s Waste Committee, which is who I’m presenting on behalf of!

Talk Title: To have your voice heard, Just Ask

Premise: Companies change their behaviour based on consumer demand
Call to Action: Ask companies the questions you wonder but don’t voice, and watch what happens

A flash talk (2-5 min) encouraging consumers to engage with companies to reduce waste, through simply asking the questions they want answered:
> why does my favourite restaurant use Styrofoam take out containers?
> what’s the carbon footprint of this water bottle?
> can I have that in a mug? why isn’t that the norm?
It will mark the launch of a Twitter account and hash tag #JustAsk. This is one outgrowth of a multi-faceted effort on the part of the SPEC waste committee for consumer engagement around waste.

Forrest Johnson


Trucker, Janitor, Balloon Artist and frustrated garage inventor. Frustrated because there are not enough events like BIL.

Talk Title: We need to make reusable bags the easiest choice! I invented a way.

Okay, it’s partly about my invention The Handle Handle but I won’t be pitching it because it’s intended to be free anyway. ( I’ll even bring enough for everyone!)

We all know the problem, we consume an estimated Trillion single use plastic bags every year.
We all know the solution, use reusable bags.

So why aren’t we?

Those of us using reusable bags forget them 40% of the time. The results of our good intentions? Almost cut in half!

A survey found two other reasons are inconvenience and hygiene concerns.

If we want people to choose reusable bags we have to make them the easier choice VS plastic!

The solution?

Thin, quality, easily washed reusable bags!
The kind that you can “Unpack and put back” somewhere they can’t be forgotten.

The Handle Handle can help make thin reusable bags the easier choice!
It will be free with coupon ads helping cover the cost for retailers.
It is biodegradable and more.

It solves two draw backs to thin reusable bags. It makes them more comfortable to carry when heavy and it keeps all the handles together so they don’t disappear when put down and are easy to pick up and move. (Like on a bus! That’s right, improves public transit too!)

Thin reusable bags have many advantages. I believe they can win the fight against plastic bags with help to make them everyone’s go to easier choice.

Gary Lachance

Co-founder of "Tom and Gary's Decentralized Dance Party"


Hi there. My name is Gary and I’m the co-founder of “Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party” AKA “The DDP” AKA “The Party Revolution.”

For the past four years, we’ve been relentlessly touring North America, organizing revolutionary acts of shared experience on a scale made possible only by cutting-edge technology. Our Parties are free, open to anyone, organized through social media, powered by crowdfunding and hosted exclusively in public spaces.

The DDP takes the limitless connectivity of an online community and translates it back into the physical world, creating an ever-expanding feedback loop of social collaboration and individual empowerment.

Talk Title: Can Partying Bring World Peace?

The DDP takes the limitless connectivity of an online community and translates it back into the physical world, creating an ever-expanding feedback loop of social collaboration and individual empowerment.

Without once acquiring a permit, we’ve hosted 60 massive Parties in over 30 major cities, with total attendance easily exceeding 100,000 people.
The DDP has been featured in WIRED Magazine, The Daily Beast, ABC’s Nightline, CBC, NBC, Maclean’s, Huffington Post and many more.

Our ultimate objective is to share the DDP with every single country in the world and win the Nobel Prize for Partying.
We are serious.

Most of the details are HERE:

The rest can be beheld on our website:

It would be great to share our story and discuss:
– The Global Party Pandemic Of 2014
– The Open-Source Boombox we’re currently developing called “The Social Stereo”
– The emergent phenomenon that is “Decentralization” (the ideology which has guided all aspects of this project from day one).

I would probably present by synthesizing the following videos:

Colleen Hardwick


Urban Geographer. Film Producer. Internet Entrepreneur. Colleen Hardwick is the Founder of PlaceSpeak, the first location-based public consultation platform.

Colleen Hardwick, was headed for a career in Urban Planning before a twist of fate launched her into a 20 year career in the film industry. When a movie was shot in her family home, Colleen changed course to planning movies instead. She quickly ascended the ranks, ultimately founding her first company, New City Productions, which produced dozens of movies.

In 2005, Colleen switched gears again, this time with an eye on the Web. With the support of the Canada New Media Fund, she began to prototype MovieSet which won the Vortex Award for Excellence in New Media Innovation by the Marshall McLuhan Festival of the Future. She blended her knowledge of film production with internet technology to pioneer behind-the-scenes film-making online, while building audience through social media.

Circling back to her urban geography roots, in 2010, Colleen started to develop a system for consulting with people online within specific spatial boundaries. The result is PlaceSpeak, the first location-based community consultation platform. PlaceSpeak authenticates online consultation.

Talk Title: Making it Real: Legitimacy in eDemocracy

Satisfaction with democratic institutions is on the decline; voter turnout is dropping and alienation is on the rise. We have arrived at a paradoxical historical moment when nearly everyone favours democracy, but apparently few believe that democratic governance can do anything.

The Internet offers fresh potential to reinvigorate civic engagement. However, the use of ICT in transforming democracy has not lived up to its potential. There are legitimacy challenges inherent in any system that lacks digital identity authentication and fails to protect individual privacy.

This talk presents an analytical framework for the evaluation of ICT innovation realized through the application of explicitly ‘democratic goods’, namely inclusiveness, popular control, considered judgement and transparency, as well as efficiency and transferability.

How do we authenticate eDemocracy, whether that is eVoting or influencing decisions and policies through online consultation? People who are interested in the future of Democracy should listen to this talk.

Gilbert Ishimwe


A bit about myself, I’m 28; born and raised in Rwanda. I now reside in Canada and am a citizen of the country. I currently work full time and am a student part time. I find myself to be in a constant state of needing to know more. More about thianlufe and more about this world. This world and it’s workings.

Talk Title: A New Form Of Colonization

I would like to open peoples’ minds, through my life experiences and realizations, as well as current events throughout the world but Africa to be precise. These experiences I speak of start with my childhood, the struggle of the Rwandan genocide, my arrival to North America (The States and Canada). This will also involve the history of my country, and a number of other countries of the world. My experiences in the Canadian military as well as my time spent overseas would all elapse my topic of colonization, or rather modern methods of colonization.

Jason Brown and Maya Graves-Bacchus

Salish Sea Spiritual Ecology Alliance (SSSEA)


Jason Brown is a PhD student at UBC in Environmental Studies and Resource Management and founder of SSSEA. He was raised in Southern California and attended BYU in Anthropology and graduate school in Forestry and Theology. He hopes to bring spirituality and ecology together through activism and spiritual practice.

Maya Graves-Bacchus – Currently finishing her English degree at the University of British Columbia, Maya’s research will explore the interconnectedness of the sacred and profane, the organic and the non-organic, and what repercussions this may have for the environmental movement. She is particularly interested in the beginnings and endings of the “natural world”, and the role of urban spaces, or ecologically harmful environments in the conversation of Spiritual Ecology.

Talk Title: Why Ecology needs Spirituality: The Salish Sea Spiritual Ecology Alliance

In this talk Jason and Maya will outline the founding, vision and future projects of the newly formed Salish Sea Spiritual Ecology Alliance. This fledgling group hopes to connect spirit and ecology, contemplation with action, and solutions to problems by asking What is the nature of the fire that feeds the many forms of sacred activism? How can we ground this energy with spiritual practice? And most importantly, how can it be channelled into meaningful projects?

In September, SSSEA will facilitate four workshops on spiritual practice for sacred activism that will traverse the terrains of ocean, forest, farm and city through speakers, workshops, meditation and discussion.

Join us to see what SSSEA is planning for this year and beyond!

Jeet-Kei Leung


I am the director & host of The Bloom, an online documentary mini-series chronicling Transformational Festivals as an emerging global culture. My TEDxVancouver talk on the subject (currently 5th Most Popular TEDx talk on popularized the term, offering a cohering narrative to this international phenomenon. Currently, I am completing The Bloom’s final episode, as well as developing The Bloom Portal, a social media platform dedicated to connecting the global community formed around transformational festivals, and launching The Bloom Collection, an online store offering the best artisan-produced goods and clothing of festival culture.

A Vancouver-born 4th generation Chinese-Canadian, my life has been drawn to the nexus of music and novel culture—from the activist punk of the 80s, conscious hip hop of the 90s, to EDM/transformational festivals since the late-90s. Prior to The Bloom, I’d been participating since 1998 as an event organizer, musical artist, presenter and facilitator. Other bio tidbits include a 5-year stint as spokesperson for Canada’s leading medical cannabis dispensary, which included presenting to Senate and other acts of advocacy. More recently, my living situation sharing a collective mansion in kerrisdale went viral after an article by the Tyee was reposted by Vancouver is Awesome and Huff Po Canada.;Most-popular

Talk Title: How Transformational Festivals Just Might Help Save the World

Transformational Festivals are a burgeoning global movement, comprising over one million participants attending 160 transformational festivals on 6 continents. From Burning Man to Boom to Beloved, Lucidity, Lightning in a Bottle, Envision and many others, they are having profound life-altering effects for a new generation, while acting as massive incubators for the development of new paradigm culture. Directing and hosting The Bloom documentary mini-series over the past 3 years has allowed me to chronicle the emergence of this culture as a global phenomenon.

My talk focuses on 3 primary aspects of these Transformational Festivals: 1) How they are successful examples of large-scale collaboration, involving thousands of participants actively cooperating to create a desired reality; 2) How the resulting reality created supports personal growth and break-throughs, while simultaneously embodying the vision of a thriving, sustainable future; and 3) How participants are actively translating these profound temporary experiences into a large diversity of projects aimed at creating lasting social impact.

Jeremy Shaki


Jeremy Shaki is the co-founder and leader of Lighthouse Labs. With a passion for disrupting education, he has taken the 8-week coding bootcamp model across Canada and grown it to be about more than just learning to code. He’s brought an “it takes a village” philosophy to development education by uniting Vancouver’s tech community around mentorship. This can be seen in his nationwide, non-profit HTML500 event, and in the 40+ senior developers Lighthouse Labs employs as mentors.

Talk Title: How Coding is Democratizing Creation

At no other point in history has every person had the ability to create publicly visible ideas as cheaply and easily as we do today. Quickly, businesses are springing up, ideas are being shared and the world is solving and automating problems all because of our ability to use code. Through code, everyone is becoming a creator, and it’s empowering the world in ways we have never seen before.

Jill Fischer


Jill Fischer is an Advanced Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and NLP Practitioner. She is also president of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and my new friend. Jill has been devoted much of her time supporting the communities!

Her studies have led her around the world from the Bahamas to Japan, California to Arizona searching for the ‘keys to the kingdom’. Jill’s ambition is to free people from their constraints, help them to access their inner strength and understand that they can generate everything they want in their life.

Jill combines her knowledge of hypnotherapy, neuro-science, intuitive energy, ontology, linguistic influences on human behavior with her genuine warmth, compassion and humour to create a safe and welcoming environment.

Some of Jill’s media appearances include:
Global TV, City TV, CTV Television, NHK (Japan’s National Public Broadcasting), Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald Newspaper, National Post Newspaper, CFRN Radio, and more.

Jill has shared the stage & teleseminars with: Don Miguel Ruiz (author of The Four Agreements), Harrison Klein (Founder of the Masters Gathering). Shawne DuPeron (6-Time EMMY Winning Media Coach), Neale Donald Walsch, (author of Conversations With God), and more.

Talk Title: How to Look Where You Cannot See

The Night Vision of Intention: see into your subconscious to discover how to bypass old programming and achieve your intended goals.

Over 95% of our behaviour is driven by our subconscious programming! Interrupt your past habits easily and naturally.
Live in your passion of life.

Jocelynn Rodrigues


Interested in the intersection between the environment and the numbers world. Formerly trained in accounting and permaculture design. Striving to live completely zero-waste (aka not simply recycling everything but straight up not generating it in the first place). Deeply interested in that which makes people reconnect to mother nature and the world around us.

Talk Title: The Vancouver Fix-It Collective: Fixing to remember.

I’d like to talk about the Vancouver Fix-It Collective.

First to say briefly about what we are, why it started, what we stand for (anti-oppression, anti-patriarchal, anti-colonial, all inclusive space) and what we are in service to and have done thus far (fix-it events).

I’d then like to get into the more deeper, philosophical aspects around fixing and why it appeals to me, why I feel it’s important.

In short, everything has a story, everything has value, everything comes from nature….our culture is very throw-away – we are disconnected from nature and I feel throw-away culture is both a cause and a symptom of that disconnect.

I’d like to talk about how objects can weave into our stories and be passed down to next generations.
Linking it to wanting to know where our food came from, we ought to want to know where our objects came from, and when we fix we realize so much more of what goes into an object.
I would also like to then talk about the community building aspect of this initiative. The fixing of objects that break in our lives allows people to come together, engage with our neighbors, learn something new, share our knowledge with others, and enjoy together.

It also allows us to be creative and use parts of our brain we maybe don’t always use, which builds relationships with others.

Jodie Ortega


It’s funny to think that when Jodie Ortega walked into a rape crisis centre in 2012 she had one goal; to heal from sexual abuse and never talk about it again. A series of dots aligning and her singular vision has led Jodie to breaking her silence in various platforms, most recently at TEDx Renfrew Collingwood where her powerful talk resulted in a standing ovation. Sharing her interpersonal trauma on surviving sexual abuse, rape and domestic violence, largely through social media utilizing the Arts, primarily Hip Hop to create conversations and awareness about sexual violence, with the firm belief that healing thrives in conversation. One of her rewarding achievements to date are her interactive Hip Hop dance classes to Girls on the Move (a program for female youth age 9-15), where she focuses on building confidence and narrates each dance move to barriers girls may face in their daily lives. Jodie’s work has been recognized by Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter and she has been invited by the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of the US National Committee for UN Women to perform at a slam poetry event. She can be found on Twitter and Instagram under @dontrunbabygirl.

Talk Title: Breaking Our Silence: Healing Thrives In Conversation

Everyone at one in their lives, will be affected by sexual violence. No one is exempt. I will focus on interpersonal trauma, shame, stigma of male sexual abuse and how Hip Hop has sustained me – particularly one song that pushed me to give another form of therapy a try. I would like to share two rap pieces (one verse) from that song and one I have written myself.

Jordan Matthew Yerman

Writer and Photographer


Jordan Matthew Yerman is a Vancouver-based writer and photographer. He has been published by the Vancouver Observer, APEX Experience Magazine, Akihabara News, Love Meow, Gripped, and Canadian Avalanche Journal; as well as presenting for the ProductYVR series.

Talk Title: The Street Cat Project: Exploring Cities through the Eyes of Feral Cats

The Street Cat Project explores the relationship that we as city-dwellers have with our nonhuman neighbors. Jordan Matthew Yerman has traveled to Japan, Iceland, and Israel to meet their local street-cat populations. Profound differences emerged in how these feline street urchins behave around humans, and how they interact with one another. This exploration has come full circle, as he encountered Metro Vancouver’s own carefully-hidden feral cat population.

John Biehler


An avid photographer and generally curious geek, John Biehler discovered 3D printing in 2009 and built his first 3D printer shortly thereafter. Since then, he has been actively sharing his knowledge about the technology with thousands of people at various events, workshops and conferences, on television and radio, as well as online through his website. He cofounded a Vancouver-area group of 3D printer builders and enthusiasts. For the second year in a row, he was listed among the top 100 3D Printing innovators & influencers in the 3D printing industry. His first book, “3D Printing with Autodesk” was published in 2014 by Pearson.

Talk Title: Current State of 3D Printing

Using photos, video and physical samples, John Biehler will explain and demystify the current state of 3D printing technology and the myriad of different processes that fall under the umbrella of 3D printing. By sharing and explaining many real world examples of how this emerging technology has actually been changing our lives for over three decades.

Everything from 3D printed cars, buildings, prosthetic hands, human heart valves, and even 3D printed clothing & food will be showcased during the presentation.

Karen Magill


After Karen Magill was diagnosed with mulitple sclerosis in 2000, she thought her life was over. But she found a strength inside of her she wasn’t aware she possessed. She feels everyone has the same strength and wants to help them find it.

Talk Title: We Are Stronger Thank We Think.

Ken MacAllister


I am the CEO of Cogcentric Labs, an educational technology research and development lab, and I have degrees in Cognitive Science and Educational Technology. As an instructional designer and educational consultant, I have worked with more than 100 organizations over the last 20 years, and the core of my approach to everything is empowering my clients.

Talk Title: Pioneers wanted: help us make textbooks free to the world.

We have built a platform that will do for textbooks what Wikipedia did for the encyclopedia- but we are going far beyond that with features that will improve education, reduce teacher workloads and improve metrics – and it will be free for teachers and students to use. This is not a commercial product, there is no advertising or tracking and everyone’s privacy is respected. Sound interesting? Join me at my talk, I’ll tell you how we are going to do this and how you can help us change the world for the better.

Keely Langford


A non-formal educator with 12 years of experience, who has learned octopuses can reveal surprising truths.

After spending some time learning about octopuses, Keely was offered the chance to participate in octopus research in the South Pacific. She dove in head first, saw some sharks, poked some octopuses and learned some valuable things along the way.

Talk Title: What Octopuses Taught Me About Being Me

Octopuses are animals that can change the colour and texture of their skin at will. They can manipulate objects, and seem to recognize people. Octopus research continues to reveal more about the animals, but sometimes it ends up revealing more than you (or I) expected.

Kevin Kroetsch


Co-founder of Canadian School Health Solutions, Personal Trainer, Natural Body Builder, and Nutritional Consultant.

Talk Title: How solve the childhood obesity and diabetes epidemic facing our children today.

Childhood obesity has reached epidemic proportions in North America. Is it possible to live in a world where all children will grow up with healthy minds and strong, fit bodies?

Come learn about what is being done in the U.S. and Canada to help schools and parents lead kids to a healthier life.

Lani Gelera


I am a Professional Stuntwoman for the past 12 years, Adventure Seeker, Spiritual Being, the Podcast Enchantress and Vancouver Ambassador of The Bucket List Life. Recently moved to Squamish, BC I fully embrace a life less ordinary with love for nature, adventure, outdoor activity, opportunity and the possibility of making a real difference in the world helping others accomplish their goals and live a fulfilling life.

Talk Title: Find The Key To Ultimate Fulfillment By Living The Bucket List Life

We believe that it’s through helping others and sharing life’s experiences that we find true happiness, joy and fulfillment in life. As the Vancouver Ambassador, I’d like to introduce The Bucket List Life ideas, concept, movement and company to BIL.

Luke Cockerham


Luke Cockerham is a practicing dentist and a co-founder of the Lifespan Society of British Columbia, a non-profit focused on advocacy and education about scientifically valid or plausible means of healthy human life extension. He attended dental school at Loma Linda University, in North America’s original Blue Zone.

Talk Title: Blue Zones and the Longevity Village

Learn how to use the findings from the places on earth where people live the longest, healthiest lives to construct your own personal community of longevity where ever you live.

Lynne Quarmby


Internationally renowned scientist, activist, professor, and engaged citizen, Lynne Quarmby is now bringing her thoughtful and compassionate energy to Canadian federal politics.

Lynne’s research discoveries at Simon Fraser University have deepened our understanding of Polycystic Kidney Disease and open new possibilities in the search for treatment. In 2011, the Natural Engineering and Research Council of Canada recognized Lynne for her “originality and innovation.”

An award-winning professor, Lynne is praised by students and colleagues for her warmth, care and dedication. One of Lynne’s key goals in teaching is to help develop her students into well-rounded citizens who understand science.
Lynne walks the talk of participatory democracy. Most recently, she was arrested on Burnaby Mountain for her act of civil disobedience in protest of the lack of meaningful review of Kinder Morgan’s TransMountain Pipeline Expansion project. The Vancouver Sun named Lynne Quarmby one of the 100 Most Influential Women of B.C. in recognition of her work in defence of science in Canada.

Connecting the dots between climate change and social justice, Lynne recognizes the links between prosperity, a healthy environment and a healthy democracy — and is actively engaged on income inequality, indigenous rights, internet privacy, electoral reform and proportional representation.

Talk Title: Entering the belly of the beast. From activism to politics.

People who don’t vote or hold their nose to vote because they see the system as broken will want to hear my talk. We need them to hear my talk. I will show a way forward by remodelling from the inside out. Although I am running for the Green Party of Canada in the next federal election, this will not be a partisan talk – that is not quite true – it will be partisan in so far as we absolutely must get rid of Harper.

Mahalia Michael

Inspirational speaker, author, integrative health expert and sound alchemist


Mahalia is an inspirational speaker, author, integrative health expert and sound alchemist. She has a rare ability that unites remote viewing, clairaudience, clairsentience and medical intuition. Trained in ancient Hawaiian healing arts and gifted with unique sounds from the whales and dolphins, she is able to quickly get results for clients who are ready to let go of the cycle of suffering and live their dreams. With twenty years of success as a wellness professional, Mahalia is a committed visionary and humanitarian with a passion for creating more love and pleasure on the planet. She is expert and founder of Brain-Bliss and Brain-Bliss sound healing and longevity coaching that optimizes brain, body and life function. She is the creator of ALLUMINA Animal Dance Fitness dvd, the first of its kind in the world dance fitness dvd tuned to 432hz musical tuning. She is an authority on health and fitness transformations combining in-depth knowledge, experience as an award winning athlete, sounding, light transmissions, kundalini Shakti activation, writing, dancing, earthing, spiritual faith and joy. Get ready to turn on your brilliance!

Talk Title: Turn on your musical instrument! Get Sound + Light for a Sexy New Brain!

Mahalia discovered the benefits of sound and light healing after rehabilitating her own brain and body from over twenty years of post traumatic stress disorder, PTSD and disability due to a history of trauma, including seven major head injuries. Her childhood abilities for clairaudience and seeing were re-awakened after having a variety of over 100 sound treatments and swimming with the dolphins and whales from the beaches of the Hawaiian islands. By listening to the sounds and light language of the whales and dolphins, she was given a gift to help clients to clear their history of trauma and optimize their brain, body and heart function so they can live into their dreams.

Both sound and light are needed for the brain and nervous system to thrive. We are musical beings having a human experience. Brain-Bliss is for both men and women who have experienced mental, emotional, physical and or sexual trauma, especially head injury/concussion.

Brain-Bliss sound and light activation focuses on purifying the shadow frequency caused by trauma and turning on a persons inner brilliancy, and luminosity. It is within the sound and light frequency that all things, including our biology, find balance, peace and enlightenment.

Markus Edge


Markus is a Virtual Reality (VR) entrepreneur who in early 2014 ejected himself out of a successful career as a senior IT Business Consultant in the oil patch, into Vancouver where he has started 3 innovative companies each tapping into different bleeding edge markets.

The first is CONSENT|productions, a sex positive event production company that is setting the bar on how sex positive culture can be brought into a crowded night club. The CONSENT|productions crew is launching Vancouver’s second Mad Hatter Kinky Play Party summer 2015.

Markus’s second company is 420|productions which is holding their pilot event Thursday March 19th called Vapor, a 420 night lounge. 420|productions has been working with the local authorities to ensure Vapor is in line with Vancouver’s “responsible use” attitude. Details on the Vapor pilot can be found here: For future event invites, join the 420|prodcutons Facebook group:

Markus’s third company is called MetaverseXXX and is among the very first Virtual Reality (VR) adult content producer and distributor in North America for devices like the Oculus Rift (www.oculusvr/com). They have built their own VR video camera, created post production processes, developed VR best practices and are leading the charge to make the adult industry as safe as possible. Follow them on twitter ( or Facebook (

Talk Title: 18+ Virtual Reality Porn: Where are we at and where is it all going.

Well…I am not sure my talk is nearly as important as my demo. You see, until you experience Virtual Reality, my talk will only seem like another empty technology promise. That said, once you have experienced VR (and VR Porn) and reflect on my talk, you too will realize the magnitude of what is coming to retail stores this December. Come find out where the VR market is at and where is it all going. 18+

Maryse de la Giroday


Writing about nanotechnology since 2007 has been one of the best, most interesting adventures I’ve ever embarked upon. It has led me to build the largest, independent, science blog in Canada ( and to be a founding member of Canada’s only science blog aggregator, Science Borealis.

With no formal science background to speak of, I have developed enough expertise to have my work included in peer-reviewed publications, to present at international conferences, and to teach courses on the topic of nanotechnology.

Talk Title: Nanotechnology is the new black

The equivalent of a little black dress or a black shirt and pants ensemble, nanotechnology goes with anything such as robotics, artificial intelligence, regenerative medicine and tissue engineering, etc. Or, if you look at it another way, nanotechnology can help you to understand how chameleons change colour, how civil society groups influence technology adoption (e.g. Dunkin’ Donuts removing nano titanium dioxide from its powdered sugar), and how a ‘human-on-a-chip’ could replace at least some animal testing.

It also offers some fascinating stories. For example, the Canadian military commissioned a writer to produce a novel featuring nanotechnology in situations that could affect future military initiatives. (To my knowledge, the Canadian military is the only such organization to adopt this approach.) Meanwhile, major players such as the UK, China, the US, the European Union, and Japan and beginner to mid-size players such as Viet Nam, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Israel, the Netherlands, and Ireland (amongst others) provide fodder for some intriguing political machinations while engaging in all out competitions and collaborations to commercialize and exploit any nanotechnology advantages.

Mary Gavan

Professional Storyteller


Professional Storyteller, telling locally, nationally and internationally.
Past president of the national storytellers; currently, the Western Representative on the national Board.
CD “Celtic Otherworld” won World Storytelling Award.
Organise and run the monthly storytelling event in Vancouver as well as the MeetUp Group: Vancouver Story Lovers
Also, a trained yoga teacher, specialising in chair yoga. I created Storytelling Yoga to combine my passions of yoga and storytelling.

Talk Title: Listen ! Laugh! Enjoy! Storytelling Yoga! Yes, a 2 for 1 as you sit.

Storytelling Yoga is for those who want to move a little, laugh a lot and hear a quirky story. Storytelling Yoga provides a much needed stretch break with recognised yoga moves.

At the same time, you enjoy a story! Performed while still sitting on the chair, Storytelling Yoga puts ease back in the body, laughter into the soul and clarity into the mind.

Storytelling Yoga is a most enjoyable way to revitalise your presence..

Marylen Reid


My background is as a lawyer. Where type-A personalities thrive in a pressured environment, always showing their strong side. Coming from a new city, having a circle of friends that were non-touchy, I was lacking platonic physical touch in my life. Since then, I am the founder of the first company in Canada of professional cuddling. I see a lot of resistance about something that is scientifically recognized. So information is the key!

Talk Title: The power of touch, scientifically proven

In North America, the average person touches 1 or twice a day, compared to Latin America where it can be close to a hundred times. Touching more is correlated with happier people. But still, there are some taboos about touch deprivation, about touching someone else than our partner. During the talk, I will talk about the science behind the power of touch, breaking some myths, and giving some tips how to have more touch in your life and become a better cuddler.

Melody Ma


Melody is a web developer and previously a software product manager. She is a member of the W3C Web Accessibility Initiative Education and Outreach Work Group and is a contributor to the Web Experience Toolkit (WET) open source project led by the Government of Canada, which is an award-winning framework for building accessible websites.

Talk Title: #TheDress and building a web for everyone

Are you #teamwhite&gold or #teamblue&black? Regardless, this ridiculous internet meme tore the internet apart and showed just why as creatives, technologists, marketers, and anyone that is a part of creating the web, need to build web products that are accessible for everyone regardless of their physical and cognitive abilities. This talk will give an overview of what web accessibility means, why it matters and what you can do about it.

Nikolas Badminton


I have been on the Internet since 1991 and have worked in all aspects. I speak about humanity and the impact of technology on society and how we operate.

I have produced and hosted Cyborg Camp YVR, From Now, Dark Futures and PRODUCT conferences here in Vancouver and have a pedigree in presenting thought provoking presentations at SXSW, Pecha Kucha, Marketing Magazine Conference.

I write for The Huffington Post, TechVibes, Linkedin PULSE and curates events related to tech, culture and humanity, including Cyborg Camp YVR, From Now, PRODUCT YVR and DARK FUTURES.

I also judge creative awards shows, develop social media courses for UBC, guest lecture at CDM and BCIT in Vancouver and contribute regularly to publications and speak regularly at conferences across North America, including SXSW, ICSC, Marketing Magazine, Deloitte, and BCAMA.

Talk Title: People Power & Anonymity: A Perspective on Living in 2015

With the revelations of the NSA and the rise of huge social and utility-based consumer platforms we are seeing the world becoming more aware and demanding a choice on privacy and data control. This presentation looks at this situation and discusses:

How people are becoming more concerned about privacy and use of data;

Modern surveillance techniques that affect everyone;

How surveillance and choosing anonymity online will equalize the game;

…and how to work ethically (and fairly) with people-based data.

Michael Lutinsky


I’m a computer games engineer who sold 99% of everything he owned to chase the dream of enlightenment. I eventually took vows, became a monk and adopted a new monk identity.

I wound up traveling through three different countries for over 5 1/2 years to teach, yet couldn’t shake the feeling that people were putting me up on a pedestal, and even that when I taught, I was too ingrained in the bubble of monkhood to be relevant. So when I realized I wasn’t growing anymore, I left, and now I enjoy translating monk-ese to people-ese, with passion.

There really is something called Consciousness beyond the prison-like chatter of the mind–and with a good teacher and good technique, anything can be learned.

Talk Title: What if We Could Hack "The Force" from Star Wars and Experience it For Reals?

Remember in the original Star Wars when Obi Wan began mentoring Luke on how to experience this mystical energy field called The Force? And you began to follow his instructions–right there in the theater!–but dammit… it didn’t work…?

Yeah, me too!

The difference is that it gnawed away at me for years, to the point where I later began chasing mystical experiences from my meditating until I eventually took vows and became a monk of an obscure order. Then everything got turned up to 11.

This is not a story about my journey, but about how that journey can teach us how to hack away at Luke’s original instructions from Obi Wan, and uncover the field of Consciousness. Yes, you can be aware of The Force!

Pierre Marchildon


25 years of sales and marketing experience in the salon spa industry
Marketing specialist to beauty industry professionals including Distributors since 2001
Author of “Fully Booked Salon” Program “90 reviews in 90 days” & Salon SeatSale “30% increase in 30 days” Guaranteed!
Founder of

Talk Title: The Salon of the future! What does 2025 look like for The Salon & Spa Industry?

I will share industry insights and give my snapshot of the industry over the last 4 decades, from manufacturing to distribution and retail. Describing the future in advance.

Ricky Shetty


Ricky Shetty is the owner and operator of Ricky’s parents had a divorce and he didn’t have a strong father figure growing up so he has made it his personal mission to help support dads through his blog, his book, and his group YVR Dads!

Ricky also runs YVR Bloggers (a community of 1000+ Vancouver bloggers) as well as several conferences a year including the Social Media Mastery Conference, the Blog Mastery Conference, and the Internet Marketing Mastery Conference!

Talk Title: Using Social Media for Social Good

Ricky is a passionate social media marketer going from being voted Most Shy in High School to having a social media following of 100,000+! Ricky will be sharing how we can use social media for personal, social, and business reasons as well for Global Change to make the world a better place.

Ruth Meta


I am an “old” person… and an acute observer of human nature… because I am 67 years old, my life has many chapters and if there is a common theme it is about what makes humans tick… I have always lived in inner cities in rather large cities: Washington, DC, New York, Toronto, Vancouver … places where the “press” has created an environment of fear, but those who live there don’t feel that way. I have owned several local, independent small businesses whose main function is to bring life back to decimated areas.

In Toronto I owned a local independent “lefty” bookstore/art gallery. Upon moving to Vancouver, I initiated a literary event for kids in east vancouver modelled on the initial concept of “Word on the Street”… after that, I, and a group of other parents at Strathcona School, where my daughter was enrolled, we started the first new business in the DTES in 2000 when the DTES was a barren strip of boarded up buildings. More recently, I’ve opened an organic florist/plant store/non gmo seed store/ART GALLERY/event space further along east hastings, where IT is now a barren strip of boarded up buildings…
I believe in “common sense”… Jane Jacobs was a neighbour and friend of mine… she was NOT an urban planner… she was a journalist with an astute sense of human nature… I am as well.

Talk Title: The Death of Common Sense

Doesn’t something inside you give you an uneasy feeling when a business wants your business and your money, but doesn’t trust you?
What does that kind of attitude make you feel like doing? My talk would centre around the questions above… I can pretty much guess what the respondents would say… most folks don’t like being watched or being suspected. Common sense tells us that we don’t like being treated like a criminal if we aren’t one. I know that some surveilance has saved many lives and have caught disreputable folks… but not everybody is disreputable… actually, most of us aren’t. I’m merely advocating the valuation of “wisdom” and “common sense”… because “common sense”… isn’t COMMON… Why would anyone want to hear that? Because most folks know it’s true, but they don’t get it acknowledge very often.

Scott Nelson


I am a serial tech entrepreneur. I started one of Canada’s first web companies in 1993 and have been an active part of Vancouver’s high tech community since that time, particularly utilizing and promoting open source tools and methodology.

I recently co-founded and am CTO for the crowdfunding platform, as well as being an angel investor and advisor in the burgeoning field of digital currency.

My board experience includes VeloFemmes Canada, the Vancouver Community Net, Free Geek Vancouver, the BC Council for International Cooperation and the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation.

More about me at

Talk Title: - crowdfunding with a Buddhist bent.

There will be 3 of us on the stage together.

Malcolm van Delst, chief designer and web strategist will give a 5 minute overview of our platforms key and unique features.

I will then give a 5 minute talk on the meaning and history of dana – the Buddhist Pali term for “generosity”.

Lastly Charlene, our CFO, will give a 5 minute talk on some of our funding successes and where we are going next.

Lastly we will save 5 minutes for audience interaction and questions.

Shine Kelly


My father passed away when I was 15, leaving my mother deeply depressed. Despite having a Phd in Psychology, and being a practicing therapist, she could not heal herself, nor could any of her colleagues. She found The Journey, a mind-body therapy that worked with core emotions behind symptoms. She was able to release the depression in one session.

I learned to practice The Journey, Reconnective Healing (energy work), massage, and began to practice the Abraham-Hicks teachings. Through my own experimentation I developed a practice that feels like a synthesis of the essence of each of the modalities I’ve learned from as well as my own innate wisdom.

Talk Title: Create Clarity And Momentum, Transcend Limiting Beliefs, Be The Change!

Have you ever wanted a step by step process, to align with your highest potential in every moment?
To live your mission, passion, and purpose; abundant and flowing?
To create mental, emotional, and physical well being, so clear and vibrant?
To allow your relationships to be unconditionally loving, and ever-evolving?
I have passionately explored the depths of human experience, and emotion, to decipher the keys to a happy, healthy, and vibrant life; filled with abundance and flow, synchronicity and joy!

Create Crystal Clarity And Momentum Towards Your Highest Potential
Transcend Limiting Beliefs, Patterns, And Emotions… With Ease!

5 Simple Steps For Luminaries To Be The Change

I will share my best techniques on how to create clarity and momentum towards your dreams, including how to transcend any limiting beliefs and patterns that might get you stuck. It will be highly experiential with quick processes and a guided meditation.

Skyler Reed


I am the founder of Festival Poetics, a regional poetry festival based in Portland, OR now in its second year that brings together local writers and poets and presents it to new audiences. I have participated in community organizing or activism in some form for most of my life including Environmental Activism and promoting Open Source software in the University system. I am passionate about being a connector between the ivory tower arts and the community bazaar.

Talk Title: Building An Arts Community (Or ANY Community) Without Burning Out

As the founder of a DIY community-oriented poetry and arts group that has blown up into a four-day full fledged Festival I have learned a few things about creating a quality, well attended, and well loved community of artists and writers. As the de-facto Leader being immersed in an outcast subcultre that is filled with intelligent, engaging, and sometimes very introverted characters. Unlike starting a company softball team, a local library book club, or even a tech meetup, getting people involved and motivated to build an arts community may seem like an easy proposition but its more about creating cooperation than artistic creativity–and as Amanda Palmer says, when it comes to getting help (and avoiding burnout), you have to know who to ask.

This talk is for ANYONE who has looked around and said “Why don’t they have ( / stitch and bitch / drink and draw / poetry slams / etc.) near my house?!” In my talk I will cover DIY Community Building:

– How to build a long-term strategy for a sustainable community-oriented arts organization that will last
– Making your event well known and well attended week after week, month after month, year after year
– Operating on a shoestring to no-string budget using newfangled social media and old fashioned word of mouth
– Avoiding burnout by finding the right people inside and outside your community that can and will help you
– And… Staying sane by keeping away the toxic people and institutions that can drag your community down

Spencer McKay

PhD student in the Department of Political Science, UBC


I’m a PhD student in the Department of Political Science at UBC and the Vice President of Fair Vote Canada’s Vancouver Chapter.

Talk Title: Better Ballots: Making B.C.'s Cities More Democratic

Cities across B.C. had an election last fall. In Vancouver, each voter was asked to select ten council candidates, seven park commissioners and nine school board trustees. To make a truly informed decision each voter would have to evaluate the platform and positions of 109 candidates. It’s unrealistic to expect engaged citizen participation when the burden is so heavy.

I suggest that changing how we cast our ballots might increase voter turnout, improve representation, and allow voters to make more informed choices on election day.

Spencer Seabrooke


My name is Spencer, I am 26 yrs old and was born and raised in Ontario. I currently live in Vancouver and I am professional concrete finisher with a passion for extreme sports. I grew up skateboarding and snowboarding and always push the limits in everything I do. I excelled in doing big tricks, wether it being the biggest set or biggest handrail I also excelled in alpine snowboarding and was at one point best in the province for junior mens snowboard racing. Shortly after moving to Vancouver I began exploring the mountains with a mixture of rock climbing and alpine ascents and was soon introduced to the sport of slackling. While watching the Real Rock tour I came across a video of professional high liner Andy Lewis or ‘Sketchy Andy’. The video immediately inspired me and I felt motivated. It was the perfect mixture of rock climbing, alpinism and creativity I had been looking for.
Since 2012 I have accomplished many personal goals with slacklining, all of them leading up to my now longest tethered highline at 72 meters long and 600 ft high as well as a my longest free solo highline walk at 40 meters long and 500 ft high, only 14 meters short of the world record. In this time my best friend and I started Slacklife BC. We volunteer and organize many community events to share the sport of slacklining. Our youtube channel was created to hopefully inspire others and as a result has been successful.

Talk Title: Life on the Line

I will be talking about slacklining and highlining as a sport as well as my inspirations to get started, my journey, experiences, goals and aspirations. I will also be discussing the mental battle and focus required to visualize a goal and follow it through to fruition and my state of mind throughout the process.

My talk will show people the simplicity of wanting something and going for it wether it be big or small. With slackling being such a new sport that is so beneficial to me and so many others that I know, I am excited to share my passion with as many people as I can.

Steve Ballard

Fitness and Nutrition Coach


Mechanical Engineer turned Fitness and Nutrition Coach.
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).
Foam Rolling Wizard.
I train people that have busy lives and stressful jobs. Sometimes you may need to get in touch with your animalistic side and other times you may need release tension and stress. Don’t try and fit into a box, one-size-fits-all workouts don’t exist, let me show you how to work WITH your body, not fight against it.

Talk Title: Fitness Psychology: A guide to hot bodies, happier lives, and low medical bills.

When you were a kid did you dream about parachuting into the jungle and single handedly subverting the rebel forces to save the world?

No? Well then I guess we’re little different…

And that’s OK! If adrenaline isn’t your thing I bet you want to still look great naked.

In reality I don’t actually want to go and risk my life, but I like the idea of being an athletic machine. The problem is, in our society it’s really easy to get stuck in a rut where you eat garbage and don’t exercise.

If you’re being chased by a lion, you don’t really have a choice. But when exercising and eating right is an OPTION, how can you make yourself do it without simply gritting your teeth and relying on willpower?

Come to my talk and learn the psychology behind changing your lifestyle so healthy decisions become effortless.

Suresh Fernando and Emily McGill


SURESH FERNANDO is a change agent with a very diverse background. The majority of his career was spent in finance; seven years as a stock broker where he built a $30 milion private client business and five years operating his own investment banking and strategic advisory group focused on early stage technology companies. Subsequent to this he went through a major spiritual transformation resulting in him letting go of the need for material possession and going back to graduate school to study philosophy. While studying and deeply reflecting on the meaning of life, he came to realize that the balance of his life would need to be spent on making the world a better place. Ever since then, he has been working in different ways on social change processes, including being a lead organizer for Occupy Vancouver where he learned, first hand, the power of physical space in the process of bring people together. Recently he has, therefore, been committed to developing unique spaces in service of rebuilding the world; including working on developing an intentional community on the Sunshine Coast.

EMILY MCGILL is the Compost Specialist for a local compostable packaging specialist based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, consults for the National Zero Waste Council’s Product Design and Packaging Working Group, and is currently co-founding Vancouver’s first Master Recycler school. Being active in student government while studying for her Bachelor of Bioresource Engineering, she became disillusioned with the seeds of corruption in university-level politics, turned to agriculture, and co-founded the first student farm at McGill University. After graduating and traveling in Tanzania, India, Burma, and Iran, she saw firsthand the scale of the world’s problems and began searching for work that would address the chasm between her values and the way society functioned. The defining question for her of the modern lifestyle is “go, go, go … where?” Now engaging with the social change space in Vancouver, she’s finally seeing an alignment of her values and what she envisions for the future, and bringing all her creativity into making it happen.

Talk Title: .commUNITY: Building Shared Space Ekosystems

Imagine being in a space full of inspired people and projects all working towards the realization of one larger story; one focused on the betterment of the human race. Now imagine that we have developed a sense of unity that honours the unique vision and story of each particular project? Imagine being so closely aligned that we are able to develop collective strategies such as raise financing together!

What you have been imagining is an eKosystem; the next generation of co-working spaces!

.commUNITY is an organization that is working on developing an eKosystem of projects that we can bring together in a single co-working space.

This is our story!

Tanille Geib


Tanille Geib is a Lover of Humans. She is a writer, director, producer, erotic artist, community builder, and passionate cook. She has produced over 300 artists in all art disciplines in the past decade in Calgary and Vancouver. She is an award-winning writer and her book “Love & Cooking, The Erotic Cookbook” was published in April 2013. Currently she is passionately producing a live talk show experience called The Sexuality Salon where community comes together to experience, learn, inspire different aspects of sexuality through performance, panel discussion and media critique. You can check out more of her projects at

Talk Title: The Sexuality Salon: A live community experience

My last Sexuality Salon of my first 6 week series is tomorrow night, Sunday March 8th, 2015. In my talk I want to express my leanings, experiences, and inspirations wherein where we bring community together to tackle the vast topic of Human Sexuality. How this community live talk show is incredibly important to our well being and how it has changed people’s lives for the positive.

One of the reasons I study sexuality is that my biggest desire for human kind is that we all are comfortable in our own skin. At the root of this is our sexuality. It stems into all aspects of our lives. Career, social, romantic, family. If I can be vulnerable about my story and inspire others to share theirs, we will realize that we are okay and not alone. This has the power to help people look inside and believe in themselves. We all need a world where we have conscious, healthy, sexual beings making great decisions for themselves, partners, community, and children.

In the first 6 week series we covered the topics: Body Image, Self Pleasure, Non-Monogamy, Queer Gender and Sexuality, Sexuality throughout Life, and Sex and Motherhood. I will be producing another series in the middle of Spring. We are just getting started.

In my talk I can bring photos and some video footage from our actual salons.

For more information on the event itself:

Tatiana Speed


My background merges music, political science, spirituality and healing. I am just coming to the end of seven years of academic study, world travel and personal growth and transformation. I have two degrees – One is in Interdisciplinary degree in Political Science and Ethnomusicology and the other is in Jazz voice and piano.
I’ve also delved deeply into various healing modalities and am a certified psychology-kinesiology facilitator as well as a personal coach and hands-on energy healer.

Talk Title: Music for Change: - Sounds that Make the Future

This is a talk that looks at music as a revolutionary tool. An instrument for radical change and transformation, both at the level of the individual and at the level of collective. By story-telling, audience, participation and an experiential engagement with the topic, we will arrive at a metaphysical understanding of the role of sound in forging the future and the way to harness that energy so it can be used consciously for the good of humanity.

I will also briefly present my next project which involves creating a documentary, purely music based, on the topic of climate change. An example of putting into practice the concepts presented.

Tee Crane


I am a speaker, facilitator, and course designer and my areas of specialization are in Emotional Intelligence and Consciousness. I have been a student of these subjects for a couple decades, and a teacher of what I have learned for the past 6 years.

Talk Title: The Wild And Unpredictable Joys of Curiosity

When we stop being curious we stop connecting with our world, the people in it and the depth of the experiences available to us. Practicing curiosity…making it an essential aspect of what drives us, creates the kind of life we never even knew existed. This talk will give some unique and some strange ways to charge the sense of wonder that is intrinsically linked to our sense of fulfillment and happiness.

Tessa Cheng

PhD student at Simon Fraser University in the Faculty of Health Sciences


I am a PhD student at Simon Fraser University in the Faculty of Health Sciences, and have accumulated an assortment of other academic knowledge through a Masters in Public Policy, and a Bachelors Degree in Philosophy.

When I’m not in school, I keep busy by volunteering at the Vancouver Crisis Centre, and I have hosted public forums on issues at the intersection of science and policy. I live a pretty low-key life, and enjoy watching movies, going to the gym, and walking along Vancouver’s beautiful seawall.

Talk Title: Reducing poverty: Giving policy-makers an offer they can’t refuse

Everyone talks about reducing poverty, but there is no good roadmap for how to accomplish this. I have developed a realistic plan to fund and facilitate reductions in poverty by addressing major barriers that currently constrain any meaningful efforts to improve peoples’ quality of life. My plan creates a systems-level change that is revenue-generating and boundary-breaking, while delivering short-term benefits. This plan is unique in its approach, as it targets decision-makers and focuses on changing their environment rather than those who live in poverty. This talk is for anyone who wants to have a realistic conversation about how we can change our world.

Tom Ash


Tom Ash has worked for several non-profits, most recently Vancouver-based Charity Science, which recommends and raises awareness of the most cost-effective charities in the world. He comes from the UK, and studied philosophy at Cambridge and then at Oxford, and then worked for openDemocracy and New Internationalist while also helping other organisations and campaigns.

Talk Title: A Skeptic’s Guide To Charity

How can you pick the best charities to donate to in an evidence-based way? What does GiveWell, the leading charity evaluator, recommend? Can you even rank charities by how much good they do, and if so how? Why is overhead a bad metric for this, and what is a better one? Does aid work or are aid skeptics like Dambisa Moyo and William Easterly right?

All these questions and more will be answered in this talk by Tom Ash of Charity Science.

Troy Carter


Troy Carter is a joy-filled soul and explorer who divides his time between an earthly paradise on Cortes Island, British Columbia, and making manifest his utopian dreams for human culture throughout the world. He is the economic midwife for FLOW, a nascent women’s organization based in San Francisco, and in 2015 will be hosting a summer of tremendously important fun at the aforementioned earthly paradise for ~1,000 passionate souls called to learn and embody the zeitgeist of an emerging culture of environmental activism, economic innovation, the evolution of village and wisdom traditions, and the seeking and realization of internal peace and clarity.

Talk Title: Have fun and fall in love at the utopian edge of human culture

What is the collective dream of our time?

The themes are common. Sharing nutritious food with people you love. Meaningful livelihoods. Small homes in community. Profound connection with nature. Freedom to travel. Living with elders, children, adults. Traditions and rites of passage that support love, healthy gender roles, living and dying well, a sense of belonging, tremendously important fun and play.

The superficial utopian manifestation always seems to be something with the flavor of buying a tropical island, moving onto a small farm and growing vegetables with all your friends and loved ones, having an urban and wilderness home yet still be free to travel nomadically anywhere in the world at any time.

But what does a village that encourages profound human experiences actually look like in practice, and how do we get there?

Andrew Feldmar brilliantly mentioned recently:
“By the time you have found community, you will be well on your way to having a lot of fun.”

Zoe Peled


Zoe Peled become vegetarian at a very young age, and went completely plant-based in 2010. She received her BFA in Photography from Emily Carr University, with additional studies in critical theory, examining the positioning of animals within art contexts. Zoe joined The Vegan Project in 2013, bringing vast promotions/marketing experience obtained through her full-time marketing position at Fortune Sound Club. As the Events & Public Relations Manager for The Vegan Project, Zoe has taken the blog’s status to new heights via many radio and TV appearances, fun local events and unique fundraiser/sponsorship opportunities. Her personal studies continue to examine the role of animal welfare, animal/human relationships, and the values we form around them.

Talk Title: Veganism and how marketing informs the way we perceive animals and animal products