BIL 2015

March 21-22nd at Imperial Vancouver. Doors open at 8am. Opening remarks begin at 9:30AM.


General Rules of Speaking at BIL:

  • 20 minutes for presentation and questions. Use your time as you wish. Don’t be an ass and go longer.
  • Slides or Videos are welcome.
  • You cannot try and sell a product. This isn’t an opportunity to tell everyone why they should buy your product.
  • Talks should contain information others would find interesting or useful.
  • Your talk shouldn’t be “ME ME ME”. We know you’re awesome, but can you teach us about something you’re awesome at or something you’re an expert in?
  • No need to be politically correct, but don’t be absurdly political or purposefully try and start a riot with your subject matter. Thats just not cool.
  • We strongly discourage unfounded psuedo-scientific matter that leads to misinformation and disinformation, rule breakers will be thoroughly embarrassed on stage. Don’t put yourself through that.

At BIL we attempt to give everyone the that wants the opportunity to speak a chance. Please read and understand the rules above however. They’re important.

We take speaker submissions early, and we also do day of event sign ups. If its your first time speaking or you might be a little nervous, thats okay as long as you can come prepared. We have three speaking areas this year.

Speakers work in a hybrid unconference model. What does this mean? It basically means, we make invites to some very interesting and well knows speakers and secure their interest in sharing with everyone at BIL. Then we have speaker submissions which you’ll find a link to the right to submit a talk. We have approximately 30 spots for the large stage, and that will be curated from open submissions.

All other sign ups will be asked to show up the on the desired morning of their talks and fill in their talk in an open slot on our whiteboards. This is the unconference model. These are a first come first serve basis. DO NOT ERASE other peoples talks from the board and replace them with yours. Thats bad karma.

Welcome to BIL.


Everyone is a BILder, but we have different roles:

Speaker Sign Up

Volunteer Sign Up

Attendee Registration